/ Automated

/ Semi-Automated

/ Simple Hand Set

/ Welding (Ultrasonic)

/ Ultrasonic Insertion

/ Hot Stamping

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/ Special Packaging

Cost Effective Solutions

Our large volume assembly services eliminate any middle men. This provides one resource and offers a cost effective solution. We utilize fully automated assembly machines we have bought or built ourselves. We also run customer supplied equipment. In cases where the volume doesn’t warrant the expense of fully automated machines, we have created semi-automated machines as an interim method.

Our program of hand assembly employs the skill of more than 200 at-home workers. This program allows for the assembly of basic, multi-component products with high-quality at a very competitive rate.

We have shipped over 700 million large volume assemblies with less than 41 PPM defective over the past eight years.
Large Volume Assembly Services in WI