A Perfect Fit

From prototypes to production, our number one goal is to exceed your injection molding & assembly requirements. All plastic injection molded parts are created in a manufacturing cell, ensuring each part you receive gets the attention to detail you deserve. We also have more than 250 people on our assembly team, whether you need automatic, semi-automatic or hand-set assemblies.

With our two manufacturing facilities we are the perfect size, we’re large enough to handle your high volume molding & assembly needs, yet small enough for us to focus on each customer’s needs.

At Vital Plastics, our goal is to help unclutter your manufacturing floor – resulting in greater yields. We look forward to being your manufacturing partner on your journey to improve your efficiencies and your profitability.

Plastic Injection Molded Parts



20% of the parts you manufacture generate 80% of your revenue. We consider these your most vital parts, requiring your greatest attention. The remaining 80% of injection molded parts clog up your operations, inhibiting you from maximizing your profits. At Vital Plastics, we specialize in injection molding and assembling your less vital parts. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of you; creating capacity and allowing you to focus on your most vital parts.